Are you putting enough in?

What I mean by this is are you seeing the results you want? Are you achieving PRs on WODs, are you getting PRs on lifts, are you loosing inches, dropping weight, feeling better, looking better and performing better? If the answer to this is no you might want to consider a few factors.

Are you putting enough effort into your workouts? You can show up at the gym every day but are you truly putting in the effort required to achieve the results you are looking for? Do you show up and meander to the board, grab a roller or lacrosse ball and spend time allotted for the warm up “rolling out” and I say that with quotes because there is a difference between focused mobility and simply sliding over a roller. Do you make each rep of your warm up count or are you busy talking? Do you take the time to warm up to get what you need done and work on an extra skill maybe? During your lifts do you push yourself or do you go to where you think it “feels a little heavy” as you breeze through the sets. Heavy is heavy…you should not be able to talk during a lift. During the WOD do you try to make each rep a true effort and legitimate rep with full range of motion or are you fine with “good enough”. There is a difference between participating and practicing at your workouts.

Are you putting enough into your body? And is it the right stuff? Are you fueling your body correctly? Athletes doing CrossFit are working out at high intensities and for your body to sustain this you must be fueling it property. This means making sure you are getting enough calories and that they are quality calories. You should be eating at a minimum of 5 times a day. Do you skip breakfast? That is the worst way to start your day…your body needs fuel first thing in the am.

Are you putting enough in in terms of liquids? An active persons body needs water. LOTS OF IT!

Are you putting enough in with regards to sleep and recovery? Our bodies need time to recover and recoup from the activities we put them through. A good nights sleep is a good start to good recovery. Missed sleep leads to all sorts of hormone imbalances that hinder the body’s ability to recover. Are you taking rest days when you need them or ignoring the signs of overtraining that your body gives you? Yoga is a great way to have a good active recovery day.

Are you putting enough in for you? Are you training for your goals and to your abilities? Do you scale a WOD when you can’t quite get the range of motion or do you push forward with half reps to achieve that Rx’d notation? Half reps get half results. It is better to back off and do the movement correctly than it is to keep trying with poor technique. So when a coach tells you to use less weight don’t take it badly, take it as an opportunity to work on your form and get more out of your workout. Remember, we are all not Rich Froning and you can’t train by what the top level athletes are doing, you have to train for you.

We are here to help you achieve your goals, but the effort you put in is all on you. We can guide you but we can’t make you do what you need to do.

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    Looking forward to doing a few wod this coming summer while visiting.

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