Community and CrossFit

Those people who have never tried CrossFit have a hard time understanding what all the “hype” is about. They can’t grasp how we “CrossFitters” can be so die hard about working out or going to the box or doing a WOD…from the outside looking in it is difficult to understand the community of CrossFit.

CrossFit offers something more than any other “gym” I have ever been part of. It offers an opportunity to be part of a community of like minded people. It offers an opportunity to be a small part of something larger. It isn’t just within the walls of our box that we are able to be involved, its with the entire community of CrossFit. The CrossFit community reaches far through events, competitions, seminars, certifications, and fundraisers…each of them allowing us to interact with people from different areas, backgrounds and pasts but unites us in a very strong way.

Today our box participated in the Hotshots 19 WOD in remembrance of the 19 firefighters that lost their lives earlier this summer. CrossFit HQ stepped up and not only created a WOD for these fallen heroes but also created a fundraising page that 100% of the donations went to the families of these fallen firefighters. I just looked and CrossFitters around the world have helped raise over $128,000 for these families struck by tragedy.

Say what you want about CrossFit but I will stand by it day in and day out because it is making a difference. It is making people healthier, it is making people be better both inside and out and it is helping out those in need when they need it most. Find me another “gym” or even organization that does this as often as CrossFit.

The other aspect that touches my heart on a daily basis is to see the effort all of my athletes exert on a daily basis. Today, on a Hero WOD especially it is apparent that they are pouring every ounce of try into the task at hand. That is what CrossFit is about. Reaching outside your comfort zone and in the end being a little bit better because of it. It is about putting aside your own desires and comforts to honor others and what they have sacrificed. It is about pushing yourself to limits you didn’t think you could and how that translates into your life outside the four walls of the gym.

Here’s just a few things I am so proud of that I watched today. There were 30 people in my box this am and everyone was helping everyone figure out their weights, bars, etc. We had visitors from all over the globe and everyone was welcoming and as encouraging to them as they were to those they work out alongside every day. As everyone was running the 400m lap up the highway high fives were being given by each person as they passed another. Words of encouragement were being yelled across the room at one another. Once someone finished they didn’t quietly put their equipment away and leave, they left their bar out and went to cheer on someone else through the remainder of their workout. There was a HUGE group of people that went and ran the final lap with the last finisher.

So I ask you, what are you doing to be part of something larger? I know each and every one of my athletes is becoming a better person because of CrossFit. Lessons learned in the gym are taken out into the world and help each of us be a better person.

Thank you to all who participated today. You all make me so so proud!

– Coach Corey

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