CrossFit Open

As the CrossFit Open approaches us I want our athletes to think about a few things.

1) Sign up to give it a try no matter what your ability or skill level is.

WHY? –

The CrossFit Open is made so that everyone can compete. It brings us together as a community and helps strengthen that bond.

It is also a ton of fun.

It is done in the comfort of our own gym and is a great introduction to competition.

It will give you a good idea of where you are and what you need to work on. And next year it will be a great testament to how far you have come!

2) If you are looking at it as an opportunity to compete at the Regional Level you have to work hard and get your mental game on as well as be in good physical shape.

CrossFit can be said to be 80% mental. If you believe you can do it that will take you a long way. Think about some of the top athletes, no matter what place they came into the Games at last year every single one of them when asked what they thought their chances were replied with “I am going to win the CrossFit Games.” There was no doubt in their minds. If you are not telling yourself you can do it then you haven’t a chance. So no more getting down on yourself for a bad WOD, no more shaking your head during a WOD….positive attitude and focus on the goal!

3) Are you an athlete? – If you want to be an athlete you have to treat your body like an athelte’s body. This means taking care of yourself.  I can’t say this enough WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH HAS A DIRECT RESULT WITH HOW YOU PERFORM. Property nutrition is HUGE…water intake is HUGE….fish oil is HUGE…stretching is HUGE…rest is HUGE. Think about all of these things, how are you balancing everything out and are you fueling your body correctly with nutrition, water, sleep, supplements, etc?

Now, let’s GO get this!

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