Doing the right thing

CrossFit has come a long way in the past few years. It has grown as a sport and a business. I remember my first experience of the games in 2009 at the Ranch in Aromas. Jason Khalipa finished an event and then came and sat on the hillside amongst the crowd, drinking a beer. Now the CrossFit Games athletes are professional athletes. The crowd is separated from them by stadiums, stands, fences, security, etc. Many people are disappointed in this fact and think nostalgically back to the days at the Ranch. I agree it is different but I also see it as something bigger than the Games. The Games has been one of the avenues through which CrossFit has grown to the astronomical proportions it has, to a size no one could have predicted.

As I listed to Glassman speak this past weekend at Big Sky, as always, I was amazed by his profound words. He founded CrossFit around a very simple principle, “doing the right thing.” And when I look around the stands at Regionals or the Games I am blown away by the number of followers CrossFit has and the number of lives that CrossFit has affected. That to me is what it is all about. We give up a little bit of the “underground gym” to do the right thing. To bring this amazing thing to the world. We all know the benefits of CrossFit: mental strength, weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, strength…HEALTH. Now we are fortunate to be able to bring this to many more people to positively affect their lives.

As with many people I have my own of how CrossFit changed my life. This is a common theme I have found amongst us CrossFitters, we all have a way in which CrossFit has helped make us better. In my case CrossFit has brought so many wonderful things to my life including my boyfriend who makes me a better person. It has also brought us a gym to call our own, our own CrossFit family that I have seen grow and emerge before my eyes. I feel so very fortunate in that when we first began our box we didn’t need it to make a lot of money because we both have other jobs. We opened our box because we wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives and share with them the magic of how CrossFit can truly change your life and make you a better person inside and out. Every time I have an athlete achieve something they didn’t think they could do it thrills me almost as much as it does them. I feel so fortunate that CrossFit is what it is and that it is changing the world all by “doing the right thing.” A simple concept with immeasurable results.

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