Is Facebook twisting your CrossFit goals?

Is Facebook twisting your CrossFit goals?


Every week, every day, on the minute every minute we are bombarded with videos on social media. Top level athletes posting a huge clean pr, a new 20 rep back squat, or a snatch worthy of a podium finish. As CrossFitters it is easy to get caught up in pounds on a bar as the sport standard for being a great CrossFitter. What you don’t see are the WODs performed day in and day out.  Lets face it, clicking on a 10 sec lift video is better then watching a 20 min filthy 50 video while you sit down to your dinner of bacon wrapped bacon.


Just don’t let your social media habits bleed over to your goals inside the box. Don’t let someone else’s goat make you think that is the key. I hear far too often, “So and so is ________ a lot, thats what I need to do” No its not. You know what you have to work on, so make it yours. Also, there is no “Special Program” that will take you from a three day a week CrossFitter to Regionals. Its called sweat, a little blood, and for heavens sake no tears. Life can be far worse than your missed rep at 80% of your max three years ago.


Train. Train. O yah, train. You will do far better if you CrossFit more than when you do not. That means showing up to the gym. That means following the program, the program of CrossFit. Your coach has a long, med and short term goal for you. But it only works if you walk in the door.



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