Refocus your goals.

Outcome based goals via Behavior goals.

In every gym you hear about goals, in select gyms you will even see a goal board. A board on the wall displaying weights for lifts, weights on the scale, or a future accomplishment. Some have names next to them, some not. But all are a constant reminder, and to those who take time to read them, motivation.

Goals are what get you though life, but understanding how they work and the best way to go about them can help you not only in CrossFit, but in life.

Lets take the most common goal in any gym to use as a example. “I want to loose x amount of weight in a month” This is what we call a Outcome Goal. This is where your goal ends, now make it happen. A outcome goal is not a guideline, for you, but for your Coach. This is the last time you should ever worry about this goal. Until you reach it that is.

How you go about that is a Behavior Goals.

You want to loose that weight, but loosing weight is such a broad goal. Your new goal is, “I will go to the gym 4 times a week” and via nutrition advice from your coach, “I will eat this, not that, and If I do have a cheat meal it will only be once a week”. These are goals that are a direct result of your behavior. Something you control. And by your behavior your outcome goal will show its result.  So put in the effort, Its the little everyday Behavior Goals that will get you the big awesome Outcome Goal.


Outcome Goals- I want to loose 20 lbs in two months.

Behavior Goals- I will train 4 times a week, eat 1 cheat meal a week.


Outcome Goals- I want to gain 15 lbs on my Olympic lifts in six months.

Behavior Goals- I will come in early to work on technique three times a week.


Outcome Goals- I want to retire at age 50.

Behavior Goals- I will place x amount into my retirement every paycheck.

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