Weaknesses… By Coach Corey

We all have that one movement or exercise that makes us want to not show up, to hide in the corner or exclaim profanities when we see it show up in a WOD. That’s the beauty of CrossFit it exposes these weaknesses whether they be movement patterns, lack of strength or mobility. CrossFit truly does seek out those that specialize at nothing, excel at everything as those who end up on top of the podium during competitions.

One of my weaknesses used to be hand stand push ups. I would cringe when I saw them appear on the board. I was forever stuck at single reps of this exercise. For me I think it became more of a mental roadblock than anything else. But I have spend years practicing this movement and now it is one of my strengths and I am excited to see them on the board.

That’s how we overcome these weaknesses. Stare them in the face and take them on and make them your b*tch. Know that you are stronger and better than to let them get you down. So, stop being frustrated and flinging your jump rope across the room when you get tangled up in double unders…because we all know that only makes it worse. Instead PRACTICE! Don’t wait for the movement to come up in a WOD where you will get frustrated. Add it into your warm up every day. Do 10, or 5 or however many you can do and work up. As they say “you eat an elephant one bite at a time.” Pick the movement apart and work on individual aspects of it. Spend time on technique. Watch videos…learn what might work better. And before you know it you can cross one weakness off your list and add it to your strengths list!

-Coach Corey

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  1. Savannah

    So true, Corey! It’s no fun to dread anything. You also get a much stronger feeling of accomplishment by overcoming challenges!