What I brought away from Regionals this year

1)   The CrossFit community is AMAZING! I can’t say it enough how incredibly proud I am to be part of such an amazing community. Regionals were a true example to that from the incredible work that was put into the event itself, to the amazing judges who volunteered their time to be there all weekend long, to the medical staff that was on hand, to the athletes. I have said it before and will say it again, CrossFit is the only sport in which your competitors are some of your biggest cheerleaders. Find me any other sport in which the athletes remain on the competition floor to cheer on their fellow competitors until everyone is done.

2)   I love competing. This is one that I forget very often. This year I had a ton of fun. I went into it with very few expectations and I think that relieved some pressure and allowed me to embrace the experience and enjoy myself. Generally I put way too much pressure on myself during competitions, somehow thinking that my value as a human being has everything to do with how well I finish. This year I found myself smiling more during the workouts, before the workouts and after the workouts. I got a chance to connect with other athletes who have become friends over the years of competition and I had a blast.

3)   Your ranking on the leaderboard doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your performance. Let me explain this. Your ranking compares you to others, that has nothing to do with how well you did compared to yourself. As an athlete it is easy to get wrapped up in the numbers and what another athlete is doing but you have to look within yourself to see your true performance. For instance, my performance on the 100s workout wasn’t great in terms of the leaderboard but for myself it was. I got through the wall balls in a much faster time that I anticipated, the pull ups were slower than I wanted but I got through them all without tearing my hands, my pistols ROCKED…I did them all in sets of 20 AND I got to the dumbbell snatches. Did I finish the WOD in the time cap, no…but I had a great performance for me! In the overhead squat WOD I was no where near the top of the leaderboard but I got 10 more pounds that I ever thought I could and I felt accomplished. Those are the performances to focus on, not where your performance was in comparison to the other athletes. If you continually compare yourself to others you will only defeat yourself.

4)   I’m better than I thought I was. I seriously contemplated even accepting my invitation to Regionals because I was accepted during the second round of invitations. Somehow in my mind I didn’t feel I had earned my way there. At the end of the weekend though I think that I felt much more like I belonged there and had earned my right to be there. I finished above many people who came into Regionals ranked much higher than me, I had a top 10 finish in a WOD which I have never done before and I proved that I can do it.

5)   I need to train more. I always say this after Regionals…”next year I am going to be much more prepared”. I saw my performance this year and don’t get me wrong I was very happy with things and I can’t say I would change anything that happened over the weekend. However, I had only been training maybe 3x a week. I finally realize that there is potential there that is untapped and I need to make time for my own training. I opened a gym so that I could share the magic of CrossFit with others but I need to remember not to loose it for myself.

6)   The human body never ceases to amaze me at the limits to which it can be pushed. I watched incredible performances by amazing athletes that are awe inspiring. That is part of the beauty of CrossFit, there is never a point in which you can say you can no longer continue to progress, gain strength, speed and skill.

7)   I am so lucky for the support I have behind me. My amazing boyfriend who does my programming is truly a master in terms of enabling me to get results with as little training as I do. He is also my biggest supporter. He is currently deployed overseas and was following me on twitter the whole weekend. After every WOD I had a message from him telling me how proud he was. My parents came to watch. This was the first large CrossFit event they have been to and it made me so happy to have the opportunity to share this large part of my life with them. It was so cool to watch them “leaderboarding” after every WOD.  I had a great group of support from my box. I had people there for me, I had messages from those that couldn’t travel.

8)   CrossFit is changing lives. Looking around the venue at Regionals it is amazing to see the amount of people. Regionals truly is what the Games was a few years ago. The stands were full of people…and you know that 90% of those people probably CrossFit and a large percentage of the ones that didn’t before watching that event will probably try it. All of those people have been impacted by CrossFit and that is how it is changing lives, we are making people healthier and better!

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