14.5 You decide!



I’m not going to post stats about the athletes this time cause that would fill page after page. One word. “Champs”


Rich Froning

Jason Khalipa

Graham Holmberg

Annie Thorisdottir

Sam Briggs


14.4 Opened a awesome door with the rower. Behind that door, is CrossFit. Anything is fair game in my eyes now.


What are we missing so far?






Shoulder to overhead


Don’t have to mention that if you see thrusters, you prob won’t see S2O. So I’m going with thrusters.

I am also expecting another new movement to be introduced to the open.




I would like to see another workout where the more you do, the more time you get.

In any sense The goal would be a time domain ending at 15-18 min. Lets see these champs work faster for longer then humanly possible.





Sam Briggs will take Annie, as much as I hate to say it. Open wods are more Sam’s style.

Rich, Jason, then Graham.



My pick?

AMRAP 15 min

20 Burpees (Can’t imagine the open with no burpees!)

15 Front Squats 115#

10 S2O 115# (be very fun to see this be replaced by HSPU)


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