Find The Dark Place

Find The Dark Place

Sitting around the table with my team in Iraq, we found ourselves on the topic of pushing the limits in a workout. Not taking for granted the Military/Special Operations background, that the majority of us have. Already tested, passed and very good at working in the mental and physical limits of our bodies.

Test driver’s for cars have to push the car past its limit, to find what its top speed is. How are we as CrossFit ninja’s and different? My father a former Marine told me before I shipped off to great world of the military said, “You can run till you pass out, and you will pass out before you die” This ran laps in my head during a specialty school, and yes I passed out. Returned to the light, and carried on. But I found something amazing that day, I found “the dark place”

Its the zone where its so painful and so horrid, you shut your mind off. You stop thinking about the pain, you stop looking around for sympathy. Looking at your instructor to have mercy and make it stop. No one is here in this dark place, its your battle and only you can fight it. If you loose, you pass out and wake back up in the bright normal world. If you win, a light grows in the darkness and next time you have to go a little deeper to find its black windowless room.

So the question to you as a athlete, are you looking at your coach for a good job? are you looking for the entire class to gather around you and say “It will be ok?” If so, carry on. You will still see the amazing benefits of CrossFit, its community and programing. What you will also see is people make leaps and bounds past you, and have you thinking “what makes them so good?”

You don’t have to have the best time on the whiteboard everyday. Once every so often, you may have to “Knock the wheels off it”- Rob Orlando. and try to see how fast your engine really goes. See if you can knock on the door of the dark place, then see how long you can stay there. Stop thinking, stop feeling sorry, stop looking for sympathy.

Go kill it.

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

A small bird will drop frozen from a bough

without ever having felt sorry for itself”  – DH Lawrence

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