Maximize your time before the 2014 Open

Maximizing your time before the open

 Its close. We can smell it. The CrossFit open is upon us. 45 days to be exact. So how do we maximize these very import training sessions?


1)- Trust your training.
Over the year we have gone through olympic, strength and skill focus periods to improve our abilities both in life, and on the gym floor. Trust in that, trust is the work you have put in day in and day out. Hitting the box for four hours a day, 7 days a week in these last few hours will not help your body. Only break it.
2)- Go lighter, go faster. 
The time to work on your 1RM is over. Its past. Forget about it. Not once in the history of the CrossFit open has there been a 1RM test. I’m not saying I know the future, or that I am saying it will never happen…But history shows us that we need higher unbroken reps of light to med weight to perform well in the open. And fast. Boy do you need to go fast. No more resting at the chalk bucket, its red line go time.
3)- Skills. 
Skills, skills, and skills. Did I mention skills yet?
I’m not talking about your free handstand push ups. Those are wonderful for regional/games athletes who are not worried about the open. But for this article here, we are concerned about those trying to make it to the regionals.
So, were talking about advancing your gymnastics skills to a higher level.
–Pull ups and chest to bars, focus on learning how to butterfly all your reps.
–Toes to Bar, linking your Toes to bar (knees to elbows are very hard to judge via video submission so more then likely Toes to bar)
–Muscle ups, if you don’t have them, get them. If you do, get those linked and figure out how many reps you can maintain with what type of rest period.
–Handstand push ups, we have yet to see these but I think the time is coming. Utilize the kip for efficiency. Practice your reps where your hands are level with where your head hits the ground.
4)- Basics. 
CrossFit is all about the basics, you can never have to good of a air squat.
The best military, sports athletes, and professionals in the world have one thing in common. They do the common, uncommonly well.  Your not going to see crazy movements in the open. Nothing you have never done before in the box.
5)- Mobility.
Work on those positions that are hard for you to put your body into properly. You can make large gains in mobility in this short time, and with mobility comes large gains in fitness. This moves us right into…
6)- Efficiency. 
Maximizing our time on the floor, hanging out in the chalk bucket gets us zero reps. Walking around the gym aimlessly does us no good. Work on staying in your work space. Close to the bar. How you train is how you perform under stress and in competition. You will be more apt to pick up the bar if you are near it.
Last but not least, stick to the program. Listen to your body. Rest is a huge part of performance. A lot of gyms have a Open WOD on top of the daily work, and this is great. But it is not a “Must do if you want to be good” it will be solely dependent on how you feel. If your doing 3 WODs a day that is telling me your giving each WOD 33% of your effort. The open is one WOD, in one day. Put 100% into what you do, and if your body is recovering PROPERLY, then and only then do you add auxiliary work.
Good luck, Train hard, and never quit. 

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