The Open

Approaching the CrossFit Open

For you who are competing in the open with hopes of regionals, or the best score as possible in the open, it is your time.

Training is over, change your mindset to competing. No more extra WOD’s no more chasing 1 rep max’s. Your number one goal is to complete all five wods with the best score possible.

I advocate doing the workouts twice, first time to get the jitters out, second time for that one more rep. Not often in CrossFit or life do we get a second chance. But when you get it, take it.

Make sure your rest and nutrition are top notch. You are just off the nutrition challenge, this gave you a great base and knowledge of your body and how to fuel it, keep with it.

Monday:  Recovery-Normal WOD

Tuesday:  Normal WOD

Wednesday:  Normal WOD

Thursdays:  Are REST. Yes this means Rest.

Friday:  Wod attempt #1

Saturday:  Rest, mobility as needed.

Sunday:  Wod attempt #2


Its time to compete! run the wheels off, and lets go crush this!


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