Strength:  Weighted Pull Ups 4-4-4-2-2-2

WOD: EMOM for 12 min

Even: 15 Wallballs

Odd:   40 DU’s


Open Prep Optional:

1)– On the min every min for 7 min

       2 Bear Complex 135/95

1 sec pause at each part of lift.

pause at top of power clean,

pause at bottom of front squat

pause at top of front squat

pause at top of jerk

pause at bottom of back squat

pause at top of squat

pause at top of jerk.

2)–4×4 Bar Muscle Ups

14 Responses

  1. Elizabeth

    Made it through all. 60 singles instead of DU’s. Not quite there yet!) Thanks Corey!

  2. Donna

    progressing nicely on the pull ups, Thanks to Corey for the tip to get me to use my hips and core more effectively.
    Completed all reps No DU’s working on tendon strength did 1 legged calf raises 20 each leg per round.

  3. Melissa Richardson

    10# ball to black target… and half and half on the DU’s

    good wod!

  4. Beau Richardson

    Strength: 4-4-4 @ bodyweight 2-2-2 @ 10-15-20#’s added

    WOD: 18# wall ball

  5. Lindsay F

    Moved up a half a band on the pull-ups which was exciting!

    WOD: 10#, 20 DU.

  6. Shauna

    Green band pull-ups. 14# wall ball and working on DUs.

  7. Alyssa Krier

    Helena Crossfit WOD
    20 min AMRAP
    10 burpees
    20 DU
    10 pull ups
    20 KBS
    *6 +36

    OHS 3×7 55#
    14# wall ball 80 singles

  8. Sarah Murphey

    Skill: Green band for sets of 4’s; blue band for sets of 2’s.
    WOD: 14# ball, did 30 DU’s (linking 10+ but not breathing)

  9. Kimberly Buls

    4 strict pullups
    finished the strength set of pullups working on negative pullups

    Finished all with !4# wall ball and all DU

    Open Prep
    95# 2-2-rest-2-rest-1-1=8 on the minute every minute for 7 min.

  10. Lindsay Carlson

    8 min AMRAP
    3 Push Jerks (135/105#)
    4 Front Rack Lunges (135/105#)
    5 Power Cleans (135/105#)
    4+9 Rx

    60 Scarecrows

  11. Austin Oja

    40,35,35,40,40,40 on the pullups
    WOD: got the DUs quite well, couple restarts. Breathing and learning to relax. Wall balls were fine.

  12. Amy W

    Strength- strict pull ups- finished with 2 with 20#!!
    WOD- 14# wall ball, DU’s. Not has horrible as I thought it would be, wall balls felt pretty good today.. 🙂

  13. Hayden Brandt

    14# ball and 20 DU’s

  14. Jennisse

    Took day off.