Strength: Back Squat 3×8 (Jan-14-2014)

WOD: 10 rds for time (20 min time cap)

6 Thrusters 95/65#

6 KB/DB Snatch (6 right arm, 6 left arm)

6 Chest To Bar Pull ups

8 Responses

  1. Elizabeth

    Back squats 3×8 53,63,83.
    squats with #35
    KB snatch: 15# (next time 20+)
    3 ring rows/ 3 push ups

    Thanks Jennisse

  2. Jennisse Schule

    Did this alone – and then had Corey to help – which was nice. This was deceptively hard. 6 was the perfect amount of reps though. I worked on getting one pullup without rest after the thrusters and did pretty good with that. Secondarily, I worked on the down feeding the up and then getting out of the bottom quicker. I seemed to be able to do one or the other. When I tried to be speedy out of the bottom AND have the down feed the up, I got gassed pretty quickly. I did #25 on the db for the snatches. #63 on the thrusters. I got some of the chest to bars – but mostly just kipped normal pull-ups. I did all 10 sets in 20:12. Next on tap, stop thinking so much!!! Just pick up the bar!!!!

  3. Jennisse Schule

    Oh I forgot to post the Strength part – I did 95, 105, 115 on the back squats. Widened my stance a bit. Worked on stacking my thighs on top of my calves and my knees in line with my toes. (thank you Greg Everett) Squeezing on way up. PR. Previous best 105 for 6 on Jan 8.

  4. Melissa Richardson

    back squats 93, 103, 113

    thrusters #45 bar
    pull ups- half struct half kip on blue band
    25# dumbell snatch

    great class Jennise!! 🙂

  5. Donna

    Back Squats 33,53,73
    Thrusters #40
    Pull ups 6 rounds Knee in Green band 2 rounds foot in green band
    15# KB snatch
    Total 8 rounds +12

  6. Sarah Murphey

    Strength: 65, 85, 105
    WOD: 19:08; 65# thruster, 25# DB, kipping pull ups (I’ve not linked 6 pull ups, ever, let alone 10 rounds of them!)

  7. Austin Oja

    Back squat: 225,315,335
    WOD: 18:30 with 53lb kb and standard kipping pullups, not all chest to bar.

  8. Amy W

    Back Squat
    125, 145, 155
    WOD 7+7 35# KB, C2B Pull ups, 65# Thrusters…