Group Joint Warm Up

3 Rds

250m Row 70/80/90% effort

10 Ring dips

5 Strict toes to bar



Dead Lift, B1-1.

(B) is the 2nd strength iteration for the year,

(1) is the first cycle,

(-1) is 1st session in that cycle)

*This is a new cycle, keep your old sheet at home in your records and

send Russ your new DL from Jun-24-14, and Back Squat from Jun-30-14


(Off the DL you pulled on Jun-24-14)

5 @ 75%

5 @ 80%

5 @ 85%



For time:

400m Run

40 Sit Ups

40 Deadlifts 185/130#

40 Sit Ups

400m Run



Chest Stretch

1 min each calf smash

1 min each couch stretch


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