January 2014/Open Prep Overview

2014 We welcome you!

 January brings with it a strong focus on the CrossFit Open.

Strength Department:

       -Higher rep strength lifts from 5 to 8 rep range.

Olympic Department:

       -The Snatch and C&J will be focused on the power positions.


       -Lighter to Med weights, couplets and triplets moving right at that red line.

 Also new to this month is a “Open Prep Optional”

This is accessory work to help build strength/skills for specific movements, and work/rest to help build a higher rep tolerance with lighter weights.

This is OPTIONAL and the sole responsibility of the ATHLETE. You must be early or stay late, (still within the open hours of the gym) to perform the movements. Some accessory work may be done in conjunction with your daily warm up.

There will be (3) a week, one being a WOD on Thursday to be performed at open gym time.

Accessory work reading as “4×3,3×20” ect are performed at a work rest pace that allows you to perform reps unbroken. If needed scale sets as needed to perform total reps.

Work/Rest will be performed with a running clock.

Once again let me stress, this will not be on the white board, you will have to read the web site and work it in to your hour, or on your own in the back room if cleared by a coach. Thanks for participating and let me know your thoughts! Good Luck!


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