Double WOD Day


WOD: Until You Complete 45 HSPU For Time

Unbroken Power Snatches*

Match Reps In HSPU

How this is set up is, you perform max unbroken power snatches, once you drop the bar you perform that many HSPU. Keep going until you have done 45 power snatches and 45 HSPU.

*Regional Prep 135/95#

*Open Prep 95/65#

*Masters/Teens 95/65#

**Break up HSPU any way you like, if you do not get 9 reps, mark how

many you got in the minute allotted for work and then stop.



WOD: 3 Rds For Time

40 DU’s

10 Hang Power Cleans*

7 Ring Muscle Ups

*Regional Prep 205/135#

*Open Prep 155/105#

*Masters/Teens 135/95#

15 Responses

  1. A. 6:32 RX B. 9:39 RX Both open prep Doing muscle ups with no swing and trying not to knock yourself out is fun lol. I gotta find a better place to hang the rings at....
  2. A. 11:12.9 rx B. 13:58.5 (7) weighted pull-ups and ring dips #45. C. 225/245/275/305 Super sluggish today after being down w food poisoning all day yesterday.
  3. A) 7:16 rx B) 10:27 rx Both regional # Struggled a bit with the mu's
  4. Liz
    A. 10:30 Rx B. 12:23, Open Prep weight, modified to 5 MUs, no misses
  5. A. 10:52 db power snatches 15# rep scheme 15 (6/5/4) 15 (6/5/4) 15 (6/5/3/1) B. 14:09 dus, medball cleans 20#, 14 pullups/14 dips Died today. Gymnastics KILLED me. Maybe it was my mtb ride yesterday or just my general lack of fitness after so much scaling back. Or both! Poo.
  6. Amy
    A: 10:35 with 65#, this got real hard real fast B: Well.. clock stopped.. scaled back MU's to 5 and did 20 DU's to test foot.. so will just give me a :) for this one... used 105# for HPC they felt like 500#...
  7. Neck inury/muscle thingy going on Airdyned 200 cals, every 15 cals stopped an did 15 squats (4x), 30 lunges (4x), and 12 pistols (4x). 27:05
  8. A. 7:34 @ teens weight B. 11:34 @teens this felt good, but was sorta a train wreck! Sorry Russ for hitting you with rope Janelle, if you are reading this,please stop reading here Then hit chalk bucket with rope, yea it went over!
  9. Ed
    A. 13:47 (95#) B. 12:47 (155#) did MU transitions C. Did snatch training with class at 105#.
  10. A. 10.37 #115 B. 11.17 #185 Snatches got heavy small sets.
  11. A. 7:54 (#65) B. 10:43 @teens scaled MU's with bar MU's need to be more patient with MU timing
  12. A) 7:47 65# 30/15 B) 11:48 Used 145# Was going to do 5/4/3 muscle ups Tore on second round. Did ring dips instead
  13. A) 10:03 RX B) DND (work Emergency)
  14. RX for me...