11 APRIL 18

Big Mountain CrossFit - CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

For Quality

500m Row

-Then 3 Rds Not For Time

8 Single Leg Push Ups. 4 with right leg in the air/ 4 with left leg lifted

6 GHD Hip Ext (pause :01 in locked out position, slow and controlled)

30ft Lunge Across Gym With A 10# Rubber Plate Overhead With One Arm (like a waiter, alternate the arm about half way)


Ring Muscle Ups

A 10 Minute Class On The Rings

If You Have Muscle Ups, Do No More Than 10 Working On;


Linking Strict

Kipping More Efficiently

Linking Kip


Metcon (Time)

Each Scored For Time

1,000m Row

-Rest 2 Minutes*

-Then 10 Rds Of "Nate”

2 Muscle Ups


8 KBS 2/1.5 pood

*The goal of this is 100% effort in each event
Make sure to record your scores for each component.

Cool Down

Easy Row

4 Minutes @ 75% (talking pace)

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