Last full week of training before the open and you will notice some lifting after the wod, try and do your best to keep all elements in order as they are prescribed. WODs take priority.


Weightlifting: Power Snatch

10 Minutes To Build To Heaviest 4 Rep In A :45 Window

You may Drop And Reset, But All 4 Reps Need To Be Completed In :45



WOD: AMRAP 20 Minutes

2 Bar Muscle Ups

4 Burpee Box Jump Overs

8 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35#



Strength: Deadlift

6x4 @ 255/175#

-Rest 1:00 between lifts

*This is a maintenance lift, not super heavy and AFTER the WOD

2 Responses

  1. A. 85, 105 easy linked, got bold tried 115 got 2 missed 1 ran out of time. Now I know ...110 magic number B. 11+1 Rx
  2. A. 185 lbs B. 15+1 C. Done