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Congratulations Athletes

Congratulations to all of our Athletes that went and competed in Pukie's Bash this past weekend in Billings. It was a great experience for everyone and everyone gave it their all. This was a first experience for all of the athletes and they did awesome! In the Intermediate men's division Carson finished 7th with Peter…
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Weaknesses… By Coach Corey

Weaknesses... We all have that one movement or exercise that makes us want to not show up, to hide in the corner or exclaim profanities when we see it show up in a WOD. That's the beauty of CrossFit it exposes these weaknesses whether they be movement patterns, lack of strength or mobility. CrossFit truly…
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“What you write down, you can improve”

"What you write down, you can improve" This is true for everything from workout times, max lifts, and goals. How is this you ask? well lets take a look at it and maybe in the end we can all learn something.   Workouts. What was your last fran time? what weight did you use? how…
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