• Michael French
    I spent the majority of my youth playing sports and working on my family’s ranch in North Central Montana. In high school I narrowed my focus down to football and…
  • Chris Hamill
    When Chris first heard of CrossFit he was intimidated because he had little lifting experience and hated running. After his first workout he immediately knew he wanted more.
  • Amy Winninghoff
    Amy has always been an active, athletic person. She grew up in this beautiful state of Montana where my parents had me on skis at the age three.
  • Kimberly Buls
    Kimberly has always been teaching something, from swimming lessons, to horse riding lessons, to ski lessons.
  • Corey Olofson
    Corey believes that the more education and learning you can gain, the better off you are as an athlete and as a coach. She is always looking for another class…
  • Russel Olofson
    Russ's focus in on making the best program and coaching available for our athletes to reach their personal goals.