CrossFit WOD, August 30, 2019

30 Aug 19

400m Run

-Then 3 Rounds For Quality Of;

4 Kang Squats

Gym Length High Knees

8 GHD Hip Ext

Gym Length Butt Kicks

Tire Flip

Spend 10 Minutes Practicing The Tire Flip

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
As Many Flips As Possible In 12 Minutes (Partner WOD)

50m Sprint

16 KBS 1.5/1pood

50m Sprint

*Partner Performs As Many Tire Flips As Possible

In Time It Takes To Do Run/KBS/Run

**Score is individual, your goal is to go as fast as possible so partner has limited time

to flip the tire. Score will be YOUR flips.

Cool Down
Assault Bike

4 Minute Easy Spin

-Every Minute Get Off And Perform 3 Cherry Pickers

Competitors Conditioning
Skill: Swim


-Tread Water For :20 After Each Sprint, Then Rest :30 Before Next Sprint.

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