CrossFit WOD, May 15, 2020

15 May 20

500m Row -or- 400m Run

-Then 3 Rounds For Quality Of:

2 Wall Walks

5 Ring Rows

15 A.R.E. Squats

Back Squat (Bar: 3x8 @ 70-75% Across)
2xDB: DB On Shoulders, 4x8 Alternating Lunges

1xKB: Goblet Squat, 4x6 With :03 Count On The Way Down

None: 4x10 Wall Squats

Metcon (Time)
For Time (20:00 cap)

Row 3,000m

-Starting At 0:00 And Every 2:00 Stop And Do-

3 Strict Pull Ups -or- 5 Bent Over Rows 75/55 -or- 5 Bent Over DB Flys

8 Push Ups

13 Air Squats

CrossFit Kids
200M Run or Row
Then 3 rounds
6 Overhead Walking Lunge w/PVC
6 Front Squats w/PVC
6 Shoulder Press w/PVC"

Practice: KBS
Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
"3 Rounds
4 Stations
45 Secs work
15 Secs Transition/Rest
1 Minute rest between rounds

1. Row Max Calories
2. Max Situps
3. Max Burpees
4. Max KBS
Score is total Reps"

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