CrossFit WOD, May 16, 2020

16 May 20


400m Alternating, 100 Slow, 100 Medium Pace

Then 3 Rounds For Quality Of:

5 Empt Bar DL (below knee) -or- Same For KB/DB -or- 4 Kang Squats

30 DU’s

40m Butt Kick Drill Out, 40m High Knee Drill Back

Deadlift (Bar: 6x3 @ 80-85%)
2xDB: Single Legged DL, 4x8, (4R, 4L)

1xKB: Single Legged DL , 4x8, (4R, 4L)

None: 4x6 Good Mornings, If You Have A Band Use It

Sham (Time)
7 Rounds for time of:
11 Bodyweight Deadlifts
100m Sprint
In honor of Air Force Staff Sgt. David "Sham" Wieger, 28, of North Huntingdon, PA, died Nov. 1, 2007

11 Bodyweight Deadlifts -or- 8 Still Legged KB DL -or- 11 2xDB DL -or- 10 Good Mornings

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