CrossFit WOD, September 4, 2019

4 Sep 19

Run Drills

All Drills Done Length Of Gym

-High Knees

-Butt Kicks

-Heel Only

-Right Leg High

-Left Leg High

-Figure 4 Pull


6 Non-Stop Rounds Of 0:10 Burpees 0:10 Rest

And 3 Rounds For Quality Of:

4 Strict Pull Ups

4 Strict Ring Dips

8 Air Squats


5 Minutes On Setting Up The Rower

Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds For Time

Row 400m

Run 400m

-Rest 2:00 In Between Each Round

Cool Down
Hip Mobility

90/90 Drill

Pigeon Stretch

Competitors Weightlifting
Back Squat (Weight)

3 Reps For Speed Every :30 For 10 Minutes

Perform At A Weight That Allows For Speed

Bench Press (Weight)

Every Other Minute For 10 Minutes

2 Rep Max Immediately Followed By Max Set Of Push Ups

Rest Remaining Time

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