Group Fitness Classes vs CrossFit

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a group fitness class and CrossFit classes? I think that a lot of the time people don't recognize that there is a difference. It is true that in a sense a CrossFit class is a group fitness class. You get all of the benefits of group fitness by having accountability, a community of people to keep you coming back, and its fun!

CrossFit is in its own league in a lot of ways because of the science behind it and the "magic of the movement." At Big Mountain CrossFit we strive for virtuosity in movement. This is so important because movement is something that we feel deteriorates as we age. Movements that were once second nature and simple become things that are rarely done. When was the last time as an adult we did a whole lot with our hands above our heads? When was the last time we got upside down in an inverted position? Not often. Even as I type this I am assuming the standard position most adults spend hours in of shoulders forward, head down, hands down and upper back rounded. We are working to reverse the effects of this position. Most of us don't have much of a choice in how we spend our day...we have jobs and we have responsibilities so its important we find something that will counterbalance this.

CrossFit is a specialized program that incorporates cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, weightlifting, plyometrics, and many many more elements of fitness. It is a complete well rounded approach to getting people healthy. I meet a lot of people who feel an hour of a bootcamp is better for them because they are breathing hard the whole time and get "super sweaty" without weights. Unfortunately fitness and ultimately health gained isn't equal to how hard you breathe or how much you sweat. (if it were only that easy!).

The biggest difference between CrossFit and most group fitness classes is the coach. Now you may be thinking "I'm not an athlete...why do I need a coach? I just want a tough workout." This may be true but our coaches take pride in staying up on the latest trends and are movement masters. They are there every step of the way through the class from warm up to cool down to help you and to watch you. They are NOT working out with you. They are observing, encouraging, correcting and helping you make safe and smart decisions when it comes to movement and weight load. Now you may be thinking "well in a bootcamp we don't lift much weight so it really doesn't matter what my form looks like." (in which not lifting weight is a whole different post for a different time) WRONG! Even unweighted repetitive movement that lacks proper form and technique can have a detrimental affect on your body and health. No matter what you are doing you want to be doing it right...from a simple air squat, to a push up to advanced movements like kettle bell swings and pull ups. If you add up the number of reps that you do of a movement in a workout and multiple it by your body weight that is the total force you applied to that joint that day. So if you are a 150 lb person and you do 100 air squats that day you just created 15,000 lb of force!

If you want to find out more about working out in a safe, coached environment that will help you achieve your fitness goals, come give a class a try! As always your first class is on us!

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