Leave no reps behind. Part 2, the warm up.

Leave no reps behind, Part 2.


 How to treat the warm up, or section (A)

Warm ups are designed around three goals at Big Mountain CrossFit.

1-Get your heart rate elevated, raising core temperature and getting you to wake up.

2-Take your joints through full range of motion, focusing on the movements of that day. See if anything is ailing you.

3-Adding extra skill/strength work in a controlled, not for time environment.


Don’t be afraid to warm up!

Your workout starts at the beginning of class. Not when the wod clock starts beeping 30 minutes into the hour.

Your mind should be clear, and ready to listen to your coaches.

10 General Physical Skills are

  • Cardio/Respiratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Accuracy
  • Balance

At any time we are able to train or practice any of these skills, we are involved in the improvement of our fitness.

So be it stretching, ladder drills, or burpees, we need to have our focus on the movement at hand. Understanding that just because we are not lifting big weight or under the clock does not mean we are not “working out”. Don’t just go through the motions or hold back because your thinking of saving yourself for the wod. These skills and drills are vital to your overall General Physical Preparedness (GPP).


You will see a few types of movements in a warm up.

1-Some sort of higher intensity movement to get you breathing hard and blood pumping. (Running, DU’s, Row, Burpees)

This will seriously improve your WOD. We all know what its like when you feel that first crash of your heart trying to escape your chest. We do not want this first time to be during the WOD, get that heart rate up so when you do hit the WOD your body has adapted and you don’t freak out.


2-A lighter weight mimicking the strength or olympic lift (B).

Think overhead pressing lunges for snatch or wall balls for thrusters…

We want to get your body thinking about movement patterns while cutting down on the time it takes you to warm up during the lift. (Starting set 1 of Deadlift at 95# when your max is 455#, more about this in part 3)


3-Gymnastic skill/strength

Here we like to limit dynamic movement of gymnastic skills until your fully warmed up. So that makes it a prime area to work on the strength aspect of moving your body. Strict HSPU, Strict Pull Ups, etc. These are not to be taken lightly, and if your a rubber band ninja, I encourage you to break free of the body snapping devil and work on them here, try-

Holds- The isometric loading of muscles will build strength and body awareness.                                  Vary the location in the movement and duration of the hold. Top of pull-up, for 3 seconds or bottom of pushup with chest off the ground for 5 seconds.

Negatives- The eccentric loading phase will also build considerable strength, just keep in mind we want to limit the intensity and volume of reps here. So ask your coach about sets, and tempo. (More on strength tempo next month)


Keep track of your capabilities in movements, if (A) calls for 3x10 ring dips, work on lengthening your capacity for unbroken sets. Just like in “Tabata” you add 1 rep each time you attempt the WOD, not 5 or 10, but if you can’t recall how many you can do your just winging it. Self scale a movement to a higher level of difficulty if it comes easy to you. This does not mean change the movement completely like,

Squats into pistols, or

Ring rows into chest to bars…

Try getting that squat a little deeper, or holding your arms overhead. Putting your feet up on a box, or holding the top of a ring row for 1-3 seconds. Work your body into the fullest range of motion possible. Every rep is an addition to your muscle memory, make it an addition based on quality.


If there is something you know that needs a little extra time for you to warm up, do so! You have a lot of options,

Show up a little early and hop off to the side.

Move a little faster and get it in afterwards, while people are still chipping away at the warm up.

Do them in-between sets while your waiting for a rower, or box to jump.

There is no clock, but you need to move with a purpose… The coaches will not let (A) go far past 15 min. We have a lot to work on, so if you only get 1 round of 3 done, those are reps and skills your leaving on the floor. This is not the time to grab a 2pood because you want to impress the new guy, keep in mind this is to warm up.

And make sure you introduce yourself to new people in the class, community takes priority.


-Russel Olofson, Big Mountain CrossFit


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