The hierarchy of fitness is a pyramid and at the base of that pyramid is nutrition. What you eat has a direct and measurable effect on your health and fitness. You can come into the gym and work out for your 1 hour and give 150% but if what you do in the other 23 hours of the day doesn’t contribute in a positive manner to your fitness you are not getting the full effect.


There are so many different ways of thinking out there about nutrition and it seems that it is a topic that is as highly debated as religion. I think there are a few principles that most people agree with.


At Big Mountain CrossFit we approach fitness as an individualized program. You have to do a little experimenting within certain parameters and figure out what works best for you. Not everyone is going to reach their full potential on a single way of eating. If this were the case it would be simple, but unfortunately it isn’t a one size fits all approach that is needed.


We can work with you to help you figure out what the best way of eating is right for you. We also don’t call it a diet because that implies that it is temporary. When you decided to make a change in how you eat, it needs to be a permanent change and something that you are able to stick with.