CrossFit will change your life

I wanted and knew I could be more athletic and it would lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, but I had know idea how or where to start. Somehow I heard about CrossFit and looked into the program. And for one summer, followed prescribed programming from an online coaching affiliate and found moderate success. However, when that program finished I had no support system in place to enable me to continue training. About 6 months later Corey and Russ opened Big Mountain CrossFit and I joined up. I knew it would be hard, and it was, and still is. I would have never thought my results would be so incredible. If you show up continually and put in your hour - you will be amazed at your physical and mental transformation. You. You will be sharper at work, sleep better, stand straighter, be a better parent or spouse. It just happens. Corey and Russ provide one of the most nicely outfitted CrossFit Affiliates I have seen, the programming is top notch and purposeful, and the community of athletes and coaches are accepting, helpful, and encouraging. I know from experience how mentally challenging it is to be the overweight, slow, and out of breath, overly sweaty guy in the class who can't jump rope to save his life and slows everyone else down. I'll tell you what - all that stuff doesn't matter in the least because the other athletes don't care about that - they care about you and your successes. Get in here, do your best to leave your ego at home, push yourself just a little bit harder than yesterday, let the coaches coach you up, don't over think it, - CrossFit will change your life.

-- Pat McCracken, Financial Advisor