What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a back to the basics strength and conditioning program that was founded in 2000 by Coach Greg Glassman. He discovered that there was a better way to achieve fitness than the typical and often boring methods of spending hours in the gym. He proposed a method using constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Our program delivers a fitness that is by design, board, general and inclusive. It encompasses the standards you would expect: weightlifting, body weight exercises and traditional cardio. However, the magic of CrossFit also calls for Olympic lifting, climbing, throwing, basic tumbling and gymnastics. It taxes both the aerobe and the anaerobic energy systems. Core strength is the foundation of our program. Whether you are looking for lifelong health and fitness or to pursue competing in CrossFit as a sport, the same underlying needs and principles apply.

Constantly Varied

Every time you come in you will have a different workout with different exercises that focus on the 10 aspects of fitness. The workouts will vary in movements, workload, reps, time, and their combinations which leads to thousands of unique workouts. You will see kettle bells, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, dumb bells, barbells, as well as many other tools. One day the workout may focus on strength building and working on form. The next day the workout may focus on a high velocity combination of running, pull-ups, push-ups and squats. This helps to ensure you will never get bored. This variety makes the workouts more fun but also keeps the body adapting and improving. "Benchmark workouts" are repeated from time to time in order to measure progress, which tells us you are getting better. Measuring this progress isn't subjective, like looking better in the mirror (though body composition will also likely improve), but objective: you lifted more weight, completed the workout faster, or accomplished more work in a given time period.