Why Big Mountain CrossFit

Big Mountain CrossFit: All CrossFit gyms are not created equal

CrossFit is gaining huge popularity and there are thousands of affiliates worldwide offering CrossFit training. It is important that you do your homework when selecting a gym. Its important that you find a gym that will help you achieve YOUR individual goals.

PROGRAMMING - Big Mountain CrossFit programming is well balanced and not biased towards one aspect of fitness or another. Our programming is intended to help you achieve a well rounded level of fitness. The workouts can be modified depending on your ability level and allow you to gain an increased fitness level to progress. Every day we have a sufficient warm-up to get you moving and active prior to starting the WOD. This warm up is specially programmed to coincide with the daily WOD. After the warm up we have a section of time specifically devoted to a skill or strength, helping you gain further knowledge and have time to work on developing those skills.

COACHING - Our coaches are CrossFitters. Most days you will have one of our coaches attending the class you workout at. We recognize the importance of group workouts for ourselves as well and encourage all of our coaches to attend a class. We expect our coaches to work hard for results just like our clients and help to set an example. Our coaches have experience and we are always focusing on furthering their education through many other specialty certifications in addition to the CrossFit Level 1. Our coaches are involved in the greater community of CrossFit and come from all different backgrounds, bringing many strengths to our group including a CrossFit Regional Level competitor, a Triathlete, a Physical Therapist and many other skills. Our excellent coaches know and understand the movement standards and can effectively and efficiently help you scale any movement. Lastly, our coaching team is a group of people who truly LOVE CrossFit and are wonderful motivators!

EQUIPMENT - We pride ourselves on having a well stocked gym full of equipment of varying kinds! We are constantly adding new equipment.

CLASSES - At Big Mountain CrossFit we have a variety of programs available in addition to normally scheduled group classes. We recognize the importance of working in stretching and mobility so we offer a yoga class taught by a certified yoga instructor once a week to help with flexibility which is a vitally important aspect to your fitness. We also offer endurance specific workouts, open gym time in which you can come in and work on skills, as well as special clinics throughout the year. We are also a Certified CrossFit Kids Gym! Start your kids on a lifelong healthy life journey with CrossFit Kids.

COMMUNITY - We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming facility. CrossFit is truly a community and you will often find our members hanging around after class to talk or planning events outside of the gym to bring us together. At Big Mountain CrossFit you aren't just joining a gym, you are becoming part of a greater family full of support, encouragement and acceptance.